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Welcome to the Clan MacLeod USA Pacific Region webpage.  Tammie Vawter and her husband, Brian, have been part of the California Scottish Games circuit for 10+ years. Tammie can claim ancestry from both branches of Clan MacLeod, while Brian has Fraser, Elliott and a smattering of other clans, including a MacLeod Sept so many generations ago that it is, at most, a funny footnote. Over the years, they have represented the Clan at games throughout California.

Tammie was an inaugural member of the Scottish Society of Central California, joining due to the acquaintance and mentor-ship of Bill McLeod Jr, former RVP. Having put on her first ladies' kilted skirt at 18, and Brian having put on the California MacLeod during their first season on the circuit, they look forward to branching out and meeting new members of the Clan throughout the United States and beyond.


Jon & Carol Swindle, Clan Conveners



Welcome to Jonathan & Carol Swindle, flanking daughter Jessie, long time Clan Tent attendees, newly renewed members and current new Conveners for Clan MacLeod.  Jon comes from a proud line of the MacClure branch of MacLeods and has been truly an asset behind the scenes at Games in Northern California for quite a few years. As stated in our recent members' newsletter, they agreed to help take some of the edge off, being blessed to be within driving distance of two Games-and they will be our second tent at Pleasanton. 

Their family joined in, including 3 generations, and took over the tent for Sacramento/Woodland Games, the newly restarted Dixon.  We wish to welcome them to the fold!  More pics to come from the Games in our picture Gallery!